Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunshine and Roses!

To be perfectly honest, sunshine and roses are not the topic of my post today. No, nothing so mundane, in fact, this post will detail in all its horrific glory the details of my detailed master plot, which is also quite evil.

EDIT: In hindsight, this post was a bad idea, as the authorities found me not long after the first part of my plan was laid into action. Luckily, through judicious applications of broken time/space laws, such mistakes are easily corrected. Instead of my master plan, we shall discuss something else entirely.

For instance, how I've been sick the past couple days. Yeah, iknorite? I don't get sick that often. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how you look at it, with the exception of a few minor allergies I have a formidable immune system. For instance, two years in a row I was immune to that years "strain" of influenza, and I am immune to both forms of Mono (much to Alyse's dismay)! The unfortunate part of this is when I do take ill, I am very very ill. Also, this always seems to happen when Alyse is at least 9 hours from me. By spaceship or some other such contrivance.

Anyway, I'm relatively fine now, though medical assistance onboard an aircraft carrier, or to be more specific the military in general, is sorely lacking. Self diagnosis and treatment is in most cases better for you than venturing down to the actual medical wing of the ship. Because honestly, they aren't doctors. Well some of them are, but you have to have a special illness to see one of them. I know, effective right? Anyway.

Someone went so far as to suggest I was in Stage I of Reye's Syndrome. That was where I left.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely couple of days; fair winds and following seas!

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