Monday, September 13, 2010

Kind of like a lopsided welcome mat....

That is to say, the first post of a new blog is that. You know, you're going over to a friends house and the welcome mat isn't quite right on the step, and you put your foot on it and try to slide it into position, but in the end they open the door and you feel like you got caught stealing their mail, all for fixing their welcome mat. Maybe they wanted it sideways, you know? It could be that placement challenged mat defines their entire existence as an individual.

Anyway, the causality of welcome mats was not really the purpose of this initial post...where was I? Oh right. Most of you know me, so really, introductions aren't that important, and to be honest, if you don't know me, then you're behind the times and you should utilize your internet search engines more.

Speaking of internet search engines, I miss Ask Jeeves. Is it even still around? Or did the evolved horde that is Google drag it down into the bowels of A-HTML and .TK websites and devour its soul? Be right back, Google searching for "ask jeeves".

Right then, switching topics entirely too quickly because it's 8:38 in the morning, and I slept all of an hour last night, onto the subject of the title of this blog. Actually to be perfectly honest, it wasn't my idea. Okay, technically it was half my idea. The first half came from a lovely tree named Bell. Sagacity is a fantastic word and one that I still feel applies to me, whereas sanguinity hasn't applied to me for years. More on that later, for now I leave you with this thought:

If all rules have exceptions, does this rule not have an exception, and therefore, are some rules absolute?